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Academic Publications

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An analysis of the philosophy of King Charles III, with a particular focus on perennialism and its roots in the Renaissance tradition of Nicholas of Cusa, Marsilio Ficino and Jean Bodin. 


An exploration of the mystical symbolism of pearls from the apocryphal Hymn of The Pearl and its Syriac Christian exegetes to Islamic mysticism and Persian poetry.

Arablit Quarterly Song 2021 Cover.jpg

An essay on the musical theories of Al-Kindi, Al-Farabi and Ibn Khaldun and the concept of 'Divine nostalgia' through harmomy.

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Awarded a commendation in the international Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society Young Writers Award 2019, this paper examines Ibn 'Arabi's references to the Moon as a metaphor for man becoming illuminated by the light of the Divine. 


A commentary and analysis of the Medieval Islamic philosopher Al-Kindi’s magical treatise ‘On Rays’, written as extracurricular research during A-Levels. 

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