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An interview on the political philosophy of Al-Fārābī, Islam and the West, and the impact of European Enlightenment thought on modern spirituality for the Hermitix Podcast

Discussing my article on Enlightenment rationality and Islamic epistemologies for 'Alif Review

Facing Modernity and Postmodernity With Esmé PartridgeForms Podcast
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On the fifth episode of Forms Podcast discussing Zygmunt Bauman's 'liquid modernity'; postmodern spiritualities on the internet; traditionalism; and post-secularism in Turkey

A collaboration between Esmé and Dr. Justin Sledge on the relationship between astrology and monotheism in early Judaism and Islam

In conversation with Hasan Azad, PhD on religion, science and artificial intelligence for Ta'seel Commons podcast

Discussing the phenomena of online witches casting hexes on social media with Chris Gabriel of MemeAnalysis

Esmé discussing digital spirituality, magic and modernity with Chris Gabriel on his Youtube Channel, MemeAnalysis

Esmé discussing the philosophy of Al-Kindi and how his treatise 'On Dispelling Sorrows' can be applied to self-isolation during the pandemic 


Presenting on 'Creativity and The Imagination In Islamic Mysticism' at the Temenos Academy Young Scholars Day 2019, Robinson College, University of Cambridge

Discussing Plotinus' theory of Beauty in a reading group on Henry Corbin's 'Alone With The Alone' 

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